Discover trolleybus mysteries with us!

Společnost pro veřejnou dopravu, z.s. introduces two new books focusing on trolleybuses.

80 let Plzeň trolejbusová / 80 years of Pilsen trolleybus

The first monograph about Pilsen trolleybuses uncovers a wealth of previously unpublished information and high quality photographs. We bring unexpected details of the projects of the first tracks. We follow the fascinating story of the city's symbiosis with trolleybuses with the help of witnesses. A period of building, stagnation and renaissance. The new constructions, cancellations and relocations of trolleybus lines are a unique record of the city's changes, as if the trolleybus network were a nourishing blood vessel that branched and withered as the imaginary tree crown of the city's streets grew, greened, pruned or withered. Not only lovers of means of transport, but also all those interested in the modern history of the West Bohemian metropolis will get to know their city from a new perspective. / The book is written in Czech and contains an abbreviated text in English.


Compiled by: Jiří Kohout and collective

Book size: 306 x 219 mm
Number of pages: 472


8085 let výroby trolejbusů Škoda / 85 years of Škoda trolleybus production

Experience with us the story of the production of trolleybuses with the winged arrow in the emblem. From the first ungainly vehicles through the singing trolleybuses to today's modern machines with advanced electronics. Trolleybus production has been firmly linked to West Bohemia for eighty-five years. Whether Škoda trolleybuses were manufactured in Plzeň or Ostrov, they have always been a reflection of the technical skill of the designers, the current development of human knowledge, but also silent witnesses to the trends of the time and political development. The journey through the history of the famous Czech brand will be accompanied by the memories of Škoda workers and previously unknown photographs from nearby and exotic countries. Our attention has not escaped also the types of trolleybuses that did not enter the streets of cities. / The book is written in Czech and contains an abbreviated text in English.


Compiled by: Jiří Šplíchal and collective

Book size: 306 x 219 mm
Number of pages: 368


Points of sale

  • Pilsen - customer centers PMDP - Denisovo nábřeží 12, Klatovská třída 12
  • Prague - Pragomodel - Klimentská 32

P.S.: When planning your purchase, don't forget that trolleybus history has its weight - both publications together weigh 4 kilograms.


Česká verze

Despite all made efforts, there are still some question marks or white spots in the history of Škoda trolleybuses and trolleybuses in Pilsen. The release of publications is not the end of our research activities, and therefore we will be very glad for your memories, additions or observations, which can be another valuable fragment to the overall historical mosaic. Despite many rounds of proofreading, minor inaccuracies may still have been found in the books, but we intend to correct them. We list all important new findings in the "Content Updates" of each book - the specific web address with the content updates is shown in the beginning of each book. We welcome any feedback or your additional insights at Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript. .

About project Trolleybuses 2021

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

In 2016 we commemorated a double trolleybus anniversary in Pilsen: 80 years since the first  Škoda trolleybus was manufactured and 75 years since this mean of transport began its operation on regular routes to serve the inhabitants of the West Bohemian metropolis. Together with the Pilsner City Transport Company (PMDP - Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky a.s.) and Škoda Electric we organized a celebration which included (among other things) an exhibition of objects, photographs and display panels with historical information.

Two books, a joint project

Whilst we were collecting and processing materials, we decided also to use the documents obtained to create publications of lasting value. After considering the possibilities we decided to process both topics, the production and operation of trolleybuses, into two separate books connected by a unified graphic design. We have called our project Trolleybuses 2021, because the books will be published at the same time in 2021 (on the occasion of the double anniversary again) - 85 years of production and 80 years of operation of trolleybuses in Pilsen. The history of operation has not yet been described separately, always only as a part of some annual publication dealing with public transport in general. Some books deal with the history of trolleybus production, but write about it mostly as part of a wider geographical area. Our intention is to focus at this time only on Škoda vehicles from the production plants in Pilsen and Ostrov nad Ohří. The closer focus of both forthcoming books will allow us to describe the topics in greater detail, to publish a number of interesting and at present unknown items and to complement them with the memories of witnesses.


The project is realized under the patronage of the Mayor of Pilsen Mgr. Martin Baxa, Deputy Mayor of Pilsen for transport and environment Mgr. Michal Vozobule and the Deputy Governor of the Pilsen Region for culture and heritage care PhDr. Marek Ženíšek, Ph.D.

Trolleybus celebrations

The celebration of the double anniversary of the trolleybuses that are connected with the presentation of both new books is being prepared for Saturday, October 2, 2021. In the previously announced term - Saturday, June 19 , 2021 - it is not possible to organize this event in the context of covid-19 measures.

The new books about Pilsner trolleybuses will be available to buy through the e-shop. Online sales will begin on October 2, 2021.

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Organizational information

The books are released by the Společnost pro veřejnou dopravu [Association for public transport] (IČ: 26538326). The team of Trolleybuses 2021 consists of members of the SPVD association and independent publicists. The project is supported by the Škoda Electric a.s. and Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky a.s. [Pilsner City Transport Company] as general partners.


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Společnost pro veřejnou dopravu [Association for public transport]

Tachovská 1361/27, 323 00 Plzeň

Miroslav Klas, Jiří Šplíchal

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